This blog is all about teaching moms what equipment to look for so that you can keep your baby boys safe on the rugby, football, baseball, or soccer field.

4 Modern And Unique Chuppah Design Ideas For Your Wedding

28 December 2015
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The chuppah, or wedding canopy, has always been a part of the traditional Jewish wedding. In its original form, the chuppah is a simple structure, consisting of a square cloth – often a prayer shawl, heirloom tablecloth, or other family artifact – held up by four poles. The simple structure symbolizes the family home, and the open sides represent the couple's hospitality toward friends and family. While the chuppah is still an integral part of traditional Jewish weddings, many nondenominational, secular, and interfaith couples have also chosen to incorporate the structure into their weddings, while adding personal touches and modern updates. Read More …

Disappointed With Your Running Speed During Your Last Race? 3 Steps You Can Start Now To Run Faster

12 November 2015
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If you have been working on improving your running speed and were still disappointed with your speed during your last race, then don't give up. There are many ways to increase your speed that you may not have tried yet, and one great way is to incorporate the right strength exercises into your training schedule. Here are the best ways to increase your leg and core strength to help you run faster. Read More …

Frequent Flat Tires: What Causes Bike Flats And What You Can Do About Them

9 September 2015
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There is almost nothing more frustrating than having a flat when you're using your bike to commute to work or to get a workout in before you start your day. While it is a good idea to always carry an extra inner tube and a repair kit with you when you ride, changing a flat on the go is time-consuming and can be messy. If you're getting consistent flat tires, it probably means there is something you could do to prevent them as some flats are caused by rider errors. Read More …

5 Ways Dollar Store Items Can Enhance Your Golf Outfit

3 September 2015
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As you shop for new golf apparel, you may be considering ways to accessorize and personalize the designs that you have. It's important to dress classy on the course while still showcasing your personal preferences. From head to toe, there are cheap ways you can enhance your golf outfit with items from a dollar store. As you save on the accessories, you will have more money to put towards extra apparel or some of the more expensive brands. Read More …

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