5 Ways Dollar Store Items Can Enhance Your Golf Outfit

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5 Ways Dollar Store Items Can Enhance Your Golf Outfit

3 September 2015
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As you shop for new golf apparel, you may be considering ways to accessorize and personalize the designs that you have. It's important to dress classy on the course while still showcasing your personal preferences. From head to toe, there are cheap ways you can enhance your golf outfit with items from a dollar store. As you save on the accessories, you will have more money to put towards extra apparel or some of the more expensive brands.


Add a little flare to your golfing outfit with a pin. Dollar stores often have random collections of pins that can be purchased for a dollar each or even in packs of multiple pins for a dollar. There are numerous designs and themes you can choose for your outfit, depending on the colors that you purchase.

For example, if you're wearing a red and khaki combination then you can purchase an American flag pin to compliment the colors and show a little pride. Pins based on other countries are also available, giving you a lot of different colored options. Dollar stores may also feature sport pins with golf designs like clubs and balls. Browse different dollar stores to see the options available for your outfit.

Shoelace Accessories

Instead of just wearing golfing cleats as they are, you can take advantage of dollar store deals by adding some accessories. Small beads and designs can be laced directly into a cleat for an added design. This can be something as simple as a colored bead or something more intricate with painted animals, symbols, or designs. Some small shoe decorations can clip right over the laces instead of being forced to lace through them.

Pop-culture designs are also available, like sports teams, superheroes, and cartoon characters. Choose designs that appeal to your personal tastes and match outfits that you plan on buying.


A good watch can cost hundreds of dollars, but if you're just looking to match your outfit then you should head right to a local dollar store. Cheap watches come in a variety of colors, allowing you to easily purchase matching designs for every outfit you own or plan on purchasing. Newer rubber watch designs feature a solid color and light-up digital display to showcase the time when needed.

Seasonal Socks

A great way to draw attention to your golfing outfit is with a pair of long socks. During different seasonal shopping times, dollar stores offer a wide variety of seasonal socks. Long socks can be found with a number of different holidays. For example, in the months leading up to Halloween, you can purchase sock designs with spiders, pumpkins, and skeletons. These designs had a nice touch on the course and will match well with autumn-inspired golf apparel.

Other holidays like Christmas also features the chance to purchase long socks with candy canes, Santa Claus, and Christmas elves. Building up a collection of these socks will give you plenty of options as you golf all year long.

Key Chains

A subtle way to accessorize your golfing outfit is with a key chain. Dollar stores offer dozens of key chain designs based on local areas, interests, and seasonal designs. Key chains can be attached to belt loops, pockets, or even the golf bag. They are easy to match with clothing and can even become your lucky charm on the course.

Tool-based key chains are a practical accessory that you can use on the course. This includes pocketknife or flashlight key chains. Can opener key chains can also help for when you're enjoying a few drinks on the course.

It's probably easier to find and purchase accessories at a dollar store after you have purchased your apparel first. This will help you match color tones and different themes.

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