4 Modern And Unique Chuppah Design Ideas For Your Wedding

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4 Modern And Unique Chuppah Design Ideas For Your Wedding

28 December 2015
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The chuppah, or wedding canopy, has always been a part of the traditional Jewish wedding. In its original form, the chuppah is a simple structure, consisting of a square cloth – often a prayer shawl, heirloom tablecloth, or other family artifact – held up by four poles. The simple structure symbolizes the family home, and the open sides represent the couple's hospitality toward friends and family. While the chuppah is still an integral part of traditional Jewish weddings, many nondenominational, secular, and interfaith couples have also chosen to incorporate the structure into their weddings, while adding personal touches and modern updates. If you're looking for a way to incorporate a wedding canopy into your own special day, you might enjoy one of these modern and unique chuppah design ideas.

Sleek And Sparkling

For a lavish and elegant wedding, forget the simple metal or wooden tent poles and have a canopy fashioned using glass or lucite pillars. This will give your ceremony the glitz and glamour that you're looking for on your special day. It's the perfect canopy for a splashy and exclusive Hollywood-themed or Vegas-style wedding background.

To top the clear, sparkling pillars, consider a bed of roses supported by a fine silk canopy cover. Or use hanging decorations like crystal strands that resemble icicles – the perfect complement for a winter season wedding.

One Of A Kind

Another option is to use a custom, hand-painted silk covering for your chuppah Commission a design that's meaningful to you – you might incorporate your wedding colors along with seasonal symbols, or ask the artist to create a family crest.

You can hang the silk over plain metal tent poles, or, if you're having an outdoor wedding, consider a wooden canopy frame covered in ivy or another flowering vine. When the wedding is over, you could have the painted silk chuppah covering mounted and framed. That way, you'll have a beautiful and meaningful piece of art to serve as a wall hanging in your new shared home.

Environmentally Friendly

Want to make a statement that is both beautiful and environmentally friendly for your wedding? How about a chuppah fashioned from reclaimed wood? Because it's been used and weathered, each piece of reclaimed wood is unique, and the aged appearance of the wood pieces will give your chuppah a natural but striking beauty.

If the wedding is being held in an ornate background, like a lavishly designed church, synagogue, or hall, then you could go with a very simple wooden frame draped with silk. If you're holding the wedding outdoors or in a plain setting, you could have the wood carved into intricate designs to provide an interesting contrast with the natural or neutral background.

Monochrome Minimalist

There's no rule that says that the chuppah has to be ornate, flowery, or silk-draped. A minimalist look can make a striking statement, and will certainly be a unique addition to your wedding. Consider a modern-looking square or rectangular pop-up canopy in a single solid color, or in a monochrome palette of black, gray, and white.

This design will be easy to order and erect, so it won't cause you any extra wedding stress to put into place. It can work well as a contrast to a more intricately decorated setting, or as a complement to a minimalist wedding design. If you're not content until you've added a splash of extra color, consider bright red or yellow hanging streamers to give the chuppah that extra pop that you've been looking for.

The wedding canopy is already a highly symbolic part of the wedding, so why not get a custom canopy that symbolizes the kinds of values and tastes the two of you have as a couple? Your chuppah will be the centerpiece of your wedding ceremony, so put some thought into how to make it a great representation of the two of you.

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