This blog is all about teaching moms what equipment to look for so that you can keep your baby boys safe on the rugby, football, baseball, or soccer field.

What To Wear While Longboarding

30 March 2017
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Whether you are trying to learn tricks on your longboard or if you are merely using it as a way to transport yourself to class, you likely know that the clothes that you wear while longboarding are going to be a major factor in deciding whether or not the experience is enjoyable or not. If you wear uncomfortable clothes for longboarding, the activity is not going to be fun at all because your movement will be hindered and you might feel self-conscious. Read More …

Desired Outcomes Of Enrolling Your Child In Ice Skating Lessons

22 March 2017
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When you plan to enroll your child in ice skating lessons, you might primarily be thinking of giving him or her a chance to try something new and enjoy some exercise. It's important, however, to also give some consideration to your desired outcomes for the lessons. Speak with an instructor about what your child should be able to do on the ice by the time the lessons are over, and don't be afraid to take this topic to multiple skating programs in your city to assess which one will best suit your needs. Read More …

3 Dangerous Assumptions People Make About Air Guns

1 March 2017
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If you enjoy target practice and sports shooting and want a little more bang for your buck than what a typical BB gun can provide, along with an added layer of convenience, your next investment will probably be an air rifle. Air rifles use cartridge pressurized air to propel a pellet from the chamber at a high rate of speed, which means you're not left pumping up between shots and you get a greater level of power behind every load. Read More …

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