What To Wear While Longboarding

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What To Wear While Longboarding

30 March 2017
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Whether you are trying to learn tricks on your longboard or if you are merely using it as a way to transport yourself to class, you likely know that the clothes that you wear while longboarding are going to be a major factor in deciding whether or not the experience is enjoyable or not. If you wear uncomfortable clothes for longboarding, the activity is not going to be fun at all because your movement will be hindered and you might feel self-conscious. Here are some tips for what you should be wearing while you are longboarding.

1. Go With Sturdy Fabrics

When you are first learning how to longboard or are trying a new trick on your board, you are going to be falling a lot. This means that it is going to be in your best interest to purchase pants that are made out of a thick enough fabric to fully hold up to the pounding they will take on the cement. Jeans are a solid bet due to their resistance to tearing. If it's the summer and you don't want to wear fabric that heavy, you could also go with a thick cotton such as canvas. These fabrics will breathe better than jeans and will help you keep cool.

Your jeans should not be so tight that your movement is restricted, but they should be tight enough to not risk hems being pulled under the wheels.

2. Go With Wicking Shirts or Breathable Fabrics

If you play other sports or exercise in other ways and you have shirts that are made out of a wicking material, wear these. These are not as popular with the skating crowd, but they will keep you comfortable while you are longboarding. If you don't already have these shirts, you can go with light cotton t-shirts that will breathe enough for you to stave off the sweat for as long as possible. These shirts should be roomy enough to raise your arms above your head easily and twist your body with minimal resistance. They should not be so loose that they are a safety hazard to you and those around you.

3. Get Genuine Skate Shoes

Finally, be sure that you get genuine skate shoes. These shoes have enough grip that you will be able to really stick to your longboard when you need to. They will also be sturdy enough to survive falls and scraping against the ground.

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